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Bathing in hot water springs is traditionally believed to be useful for various physical problems and so many people travel to thermal springs to sooth their pains. There are several hot water springs in Iran. Mahallat thermal springs in Markazi Hormozgan province, Baba Gohar springs in the city of Hamadan and Ramsar hot water spring in Mazandaran Province are some examples of Iran’s thermal springs.

A notable example is Sar’eyn Thermal Spring in Ardabil Province. At the foot of the Sabalan Mountains lies a unique natural spa region with numerous hot mineral springs of various temperatures renowned for their therapeutic values.

Not very far from Sareyn in a village called Sardava, a naturally carbonated cold water spring, also known for its therapeutic values complements the numerous hot springs of Sareyn and adds to the natural attraction of the Sabalan region

The most important springs of the water of East Azarbaijan are located in cities as Azarshahr, Kalibar, Ajab Shir, Sarab, Bostanabad, Varzaghan, Heris, Hashtrood, Maragheh, Shabestar, Charoymagh, Malakan and Kandovan.

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