Things to do - general

Gorgan is the capital city of Golestan Province, Iran. It lies approximately 400 km to the north east of Tehran, some 30 km away from the Caspian Sea.

Gorgan Tower is a three-legged giant folly tower, a revolving restaurant-coffee shop that spins once in 45 minutes; upstairs there’s also a ring of open-air seating.

Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar Palace is related to Qajar era and has various sections such as Dar al-Emareh House, Dar al-Hokumeh, Kolah Farangi House of Abbas Khani and Selsian Khani.

Gorgan Specific Palace, Gorgan Palace Museum or Gorgan Royal Palace is related to the first Pahlavi era and is located in City Park (previously a library). Two major parts of the museum are: Introduction of famous people in Golestan and royal objects sections.

Rango waterfall is 15 kilometers from the south west of Gorgan. The environment surrounding has cool and gentle weather and is covered with lofty trees. Although the waterfall is not very high, a spectacular and picturesque view has appeared due to its semicircular bed that has one major waterfall stream and several peripheral ones with almost huge volumes of water.

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