Iran’s treasure trove of attractions include the bustling Bazaars of Shiraz, ancient Persian monuments, silk road Caravansaries, the splendid Safavid gardens in Isfahan, innovative Mosque designs adorned with mesmerizing tiles, ancient ice house and mud-brick alleys and rooftops of Yazd. These spectacular highlights, together with engaging locals, famous for their warm hearted hospitality, are just same of the myriad of reasons to cycle.       

Destinations: Shiraz – Doroodzan Lake – Boragh Gorge  – Abarkouh – Yazd – Meybod – Nain – Kouhpayeh – Isfahan- Abyaneh – Kashan – Qom – Tehran

Day 01: Shiraz

Arrive in Shiraz airport. Help and assist at the airport and  transfer to hotel. Shiraz overnight.

Day 02: Shiraz

Explore Shiraz city by seeing some of the highlights including Eram Garden, Jahan Nama garden and tombs of the famed poets Hafez and Saadi, visit the Zand complex which includes a fortress, Vakil Mosque and the bustling bazaar. Shiraz overnight

Day 03: Shiraz – Doroodzan Lake

You visit the remnants of Persepolis, once the richest city on earth. Founded by Darius I in 518 BC, the king of kings created an impressive palace complex adorned in gold and silver, ivory, and precious stones. In 330 BC, Burned to the ground by Alexander of Macedonia the spectacular ruins still reveal the glory of the Achaemenid Empire. We cycle from Persepolis towards Doroodzan and find our campsite.

Day 3 – Shiraz –Doroodzan Lake Ride 75 km. +694 meter / -640 meter

Day 04: Doroodzan Lake – Boragh Gorge

Today is a full day of riding to Boragh Gorge, the valley of the Polvar River, with the remains of 130 ancient settlements. The landscape here is varied and the terrain involves some climbing on our bikes to our campsite.

Day 4 – Doroodzan Lake – Boragh Gorge Ride 65 km. +886 m / -632 meter

Day 05: Boragh Gorge Ride- Abarkouh

This morning we transfer to one of the highest Iranian cities at 2250 meters. It is also considered the border between the high mountains and the desert. On the way downhill we will be passing fields and orchards. Our destination is the desert city of Abarkouh, known for its ancient ice houses and being home to the second oldest tree in the world, a 4,000-year-old cypress.

Day 5 – Boragh Gorge – Abarkouh Ride 68 km. +57 meter / -766 meter

Day 06: Abarkouh – Yazd

Today we will be cycling through the desert in old caravan road. We will pass a few villages but for most of the ride the stark beauty of sand and sky will be our companion. We stay overnight at Zein Al Din Caravanserai, one of 999 such inns that were built during the reign of Shah Abbas I to provide facilities to travelers. It will be a unique experience to stay in such a historical place on the Silk Road.

Day 6 – Abarkouh – Yazd Ride 65 km +519 meter / -108 meter

Day 07: Yazd

One day off the bikes to explore the city of wind catchers, Yazd, which dates back 7000 years ago. Many of the sites we will see on our city tour will be from Zoroastrians, including the Towers of Silence where the dead were left to be picked clean by the vultures. No longer used, the cemetery is now a quiet, serene place. We will also wander the maze of lanes and alleys in the old district.

Day 08: Yazd – Meybod – Nain – Kouhpayeh

We start the day with a look at Narin Castle, one of the most important relics of the area dating back to the period before the advent of Islam to Iran. We cycle to Nain where we’ll see one of the earliest remaining mosques in Iran and a Sassanian era fort.

Day 8 – Yazd – Meybod – Nain – Kouhpayeh Ride 95 km. +559 meter / -86 meter.

Day 09: Kouhpayeh – Isfahan

We have a short morning cycle as we are not far from Isfahan, a former capital of Persia and now Iran’s third largest city. After lunch we will have a city tour to see why so many people have called this the most beautiful city in the world.

Day 9 – Kouhpayeh – Isfahan Ride 50 km. +68 meter / -357 meter

Day 10: Isfahan

Free day to continue, exploring Isfahan. Visit the Chehel Sotoon Palace, Friday mosque, Armenian Church and the many historical bridges.

Day 11: Isfahan – Abyaneh

Cycling on the old road towards Natanz, we skirt along some mountains as we ride through arid terrain. From here we transfer uphill to Abyaneh. This ancient village seemingly melts into the hills as the mud-brick houses blend in with the surrounding rock. Spend the late afternoon wandering in the narrow and sloped lanes.

Day 11 – Isfahan-Abyaneh Ride 85 km   +896 meter / -820 meter

Day 12: Abyaneh- Kashan

An amazing downhill to start the day, coming down from 2,500 meters we will stay overnight at 955 meters in the town of Kashan, known for the production of high quality pottery and tiles. After lunch we will take a look around some of historical mansions, the Fin garden and of course the bazaar.

Day 12 – Abyaneh-Kashan Ride 75 km +943 meter/-2234 meter.

Day 13: Kashan- Qom – Tehran

For our last day of cycling we ride directly from the hotel to another old road. It will be a flat ride as we head to Qom, considered the second religious city of Iran. After lunch we will pack up the bikes and transfer for two hours to Tehran.

Day 13 – Kashan – Qom – Tehran Ride 70 km. +300 meter / -325 meter.

Day 14: Tehran

This morning we will take a city tour to discover the capital of Iran. The afternoon will be free time for you to spend at the National Museum where you will be amazed by the priceless collections, jump into the busiest bazaar in Iran or maybe sip some tea in an era-house near Golestan Palace. We’ll meet up in the evening for a farewell dinner.

Day 15: Tehran, Departure

We will provide one group transfer to the airport for your departure flight.

Tour Details

Included Services: Accommodation with Breakfast, Local Tour Guide, All Transfer with Privet Coach, Visa Services

Group Size: Min 2- Max 16

Best Time to go: Spring, Autumn

Tour Grade:3/5

Number of Cycling Days: 9 full, 1 half

Highlights:Cycling, Cultural&Natural Sightseeing Tour

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