Round-trip Tehran – Kashan – Esfahan – Shiraz – Yazd – Tehran Classic Iran comfort journey along the most famous cities and places, without rushing. Get to know the other Iran extensively. The land of the thousand-and-one traditions. The country with perhaps the most hospitable population in the world.

A private driver immediately upon arrival Maral Tours arranges a driver who will meet you in the arrivals hall of IKA airport. Also, if this is in the middle of night. He will take you safely to the hotel in the center of Tehran. Day 1-2 Tehran | metropolis Tehran is an “experience” not to forget. Certainly not the most beautiful city in the country, but the most vivid.Tehran is too big and there is too much to do for a few days. So choose from a museum, a park, the bazaar, a palace, a tea house, an art gallery, a kebab shop and be surprised by spontaneous encounters with the surprisingly helpful Tehrani. By a local guide to go out you can see the most special places of the city in a short time. The drive to Kashan via Qom After a few intense days metropolis it is time to move on. In the morning you will be picked up at the hotel by an experienced driver guide . This guides you through the hectic traffic of town towards the Persian Gulf highway. Along the way you will pass the huge mauloseum of Imam Khomeini. If interested, you can make it a stopover in consultation with the driver. The drive to Kashan goes along Qom , the religious and political center of Iran. There is the possibility to visit the Shrine of Fatima Masumeh ,Shi-itic sanctuary. After about two hours’ drive from Qom will arrive in the ancient Kashan, another world. Day 3-4 Kashan | ancient desert city Kashan is an (at least) one thousand year old city on the Silk Road on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir desert. Your charming hotel was once a traditional merchant’s house with a beautiful courtyard. After a good rest and a cup of tea Iranian am ready to explore the city. This can walk because you are staying in the old town of Kashan in the bazaar and many monuments within walking distance. By driver Guide to Esfahan After a brief but eventful stay in Kashan, your driver will be waiting for the relatively short drive to Esfahan in central Iran. If additional travel expansion there is the possibility for an excursion or stay in the characteristic red mountain village of Abyaneh . Day 5-8 Esfahan | Culture You arrive in Esfahan , the cultural capital of Iran. Here you look out your eyes. It is a vibrant city with a unique historical center from the 17th century. You stay in a comfortable and cozy hotel within walking distance of the famous square Naqshe Jahan alias polo field. Around here there are many historical monuments from the time of Shah Abbas. It is also great shopping here in the bazaar with many local handicraft. In the evening it is lovely stroll on the beautiful Khaju and Sio Se bridges. Privet driver guide to Shiraz On to the next town on the route. Shiraz used to drive at least 15 days camel. With a driver are you doing over there fortunately 7pm.Along the way you stare much out the window at the varied mountainous landscape. You will make a stopover in the ancient city of Pasargad in the tomb of Cyrus the Great. Optionally, you can also input an excursion to Persepolis, the glorious capital of the Persian empire. Day 9-11 Shiraz | Persian enjoy Shiraz is known as the gateway to Persia. Two and a half thousand years ago the Iranian province became the center of the vast Persian Empire. The ruins of Persepolis (Takhte Jamshid) and the royal tombs of Naqsh-e Rustam, are relics from this period. They are an hour’s drive from Shiraz Esfahan direction. Modern Shiraz is the liberal city of poets and parks. Sometimes with a glass of Shiraz … If you are active, it is with a visit to Karim Sand castle, Hafez Tomb , Eram garden, the Quran gate and Vakil bazaar for original handmade souvenirs. Maral Tours English driver guide will lead you to all sites that you like By privet driver guide to Yazd After a relaxing stay in Shiraz is the time to travel the Silk Road. The driver will pick you up at the hotel and drive a beautiful route through mountains and wasteland to Yazd.

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PersepolisPersepolisRead more


KashanKashan is a medium-sized desert town in central Iran. The name is synonymous with antiques and it is not strange because during excavations objects have been found from 6000 BC. The old center of this traditional city has largely retained its typical desert architecture. Hidden in the narrow streets are beautiful merchant houses, witnesses of a glorious past. Read more


YazdYazd is located on the ancient Silk Road and has ever Marcopolo here spent the night in a Karavanseray.  The old town with its traditional houses joined together is a living monument to himself. Some so-called “friendship” alleys you cannot pass each other without having to socialize with each other. Getting lost in the Old Town is Read more


ShirazShiraz, city of poets and nightingales, located in the heart of the ancient Persian empire. Not for nothing is here beautiful parks and idyllic gardens. Our word paradise comes even from Persian. Shiraz has a wonderful climate and is a tourist-friendly city where it is nice to stay. Shiraz is a medium Iranian town south of Esfahan towards Read more


EsfahanEsfahan is the cultural capital of Iran. The city flourished again when Shah Abbas I, in 1598 established his government. Esfahan This was the 2nd time the center of Persia. Esfahan owes its splendid palaces and the Golden Age mosques . Her nickname is “NESF-e JAHAN or half the world due to its international appeal and the masterpieces of artists from other Read more


TehranTehran is the capital of Iran, in the north of the country. A modern metropolis where more than 10 million people live and work. The economic heart of the city is the bazaar in the south.. Its central Golestan Palace complex, with its ornate rooms and marble throne, was the seat of power of the Qajar Read more

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