5 City ​​Excursions – Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd

3 day parts (morning / afternoon) of your choice including local English speaking guide, transport and entrances fee

Under the guidance of a helpful Iranian guide (m / f)

  • Get acquainted with the Iranian culture and population
  • Visit the most interesting places
  • Determine the program together with the guide
  • Bridge the English-Farsi-English language barrier
  • Practical help in the cities
  • Save valuable travel time

Choice of the following cities and sights in Iran


Including Golestan palace, Big Bazaar, National Museum, Sa’dabad palace gardens, National Treasury, Azadi monument, Bahrestan palace museum,  museum of contemporary art, etc.


Including Hammam Khan, Khane Tabatabai, Ameri House, Sialk Ziggurat, Fin garden complex, Agha Bozorg mosque, Sultan Amir Hammam, Ab Anbar, etc.


Including Naqhsh-e-Jahan square, Chehel Soton palace, Ali Qapu palace, SioSe bridge, Khaju bridge, Vanck church, Lotf Allah mosque, Shah mosque, Minarjomban, Ateshgah fire temple, Ali minaret, etc.


Including Vakil complex with bazaar, hammam and mosque, Karim Khan castle, Eram Persian garden, Hafez Tomb, Saadi Tomb, Darvaze Ghoran city gate, Pars museum, Nasīr al-Mulk mosque(the pink mosque), etc.


Among others Zoroastrian fire temple, Masjed Jameh mosque, Khane Lariha house, Towers of Silence, Dolatabad Persian garden & Badgir wind tower, Amir Chakhmaq complex, Hammam khan bath, Bazaar , water museum, Ab Anbar, etc.

Price : From 95 € per person

* price per person based on a minimum of 2 persons.

50 € per person

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KashanKashan is a medium-sized desert town in central Iran. The name is synonymous with antiques and it is not strange because during excavations objects have been found from 6000 BC. The old center of this traditional city has largely retained its typical desert architecture. Hidden in the narrow streets are beautiful merchant houses, witnesses of a glorious past. Read more


YazdYazd is located on the ancient Silk Road and has ever Marcopolo here spent the night in a Karavanseray.  The old town with its traditional houses joined together is a living monument to himself. Some so-called “friendship” alleys you cannot pass each other without having to socialize with each other. Getting lost in the Old Town is Read more


ShirazShiraz, city of poets and nightingales, located in the heart of the ancient Persian empire. Not for nothing is here beautiful parks and idyllic gardens. Our word paradise comes even from Persian. Shiraz has a wonderful climate and is a tourist-friendly city where it is nice to stay. Shiraz is a medium Iranian town south of Esfahan towards Read more


IsfahanEsfahan (or Isfahan), the third biggest city, is in central Iran, known for its Persian architecture; with ancient Islamic architecture, three UNESCO world heritage sites, gorgeous bridges, friendly locals and plenty of hidden locations to discover is one of its most cultural important or even Iran’s top tourist destination. Serving as a capital at various Read more


TehranCity of museums As compared with most of other big cities in Iran, the capital city, Tehran, is a rather newly established one. This big, populated and polluted mega city hosts some beautiful palaces and museums, namely, Golestan Palace, Sa’ad Abad Palace, Niyavaran Cultural-Historic Complex, The National Jewelry Treasury, The National Museum of Iran, The Read more