Visa General Information

In pursuance of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, this Consulate General may render its consular services, in conformity with the prevailing rules and regulations, to the foreign citizens wishing to travel to Iran.


General Information on Visa :

The foreign citizens holding a valid passport and residence permit (for at least six months) may apply for a visa before traveling to the I.R. of Iran. For traveling to the Iranian free economic zones of Kish, Qeshm and Chabahar, the foreign citizens will be issued the required visa in the entry port of the said zones. Such visa is valid for two weeks and upon the approval of concerned authorities of the above-mentioned zones, may be extended for a maximum period of six months. Those foreign citizens wishing to travel from the said zones to the other parts of Iran may apply for a visa to the branch office of Foreign Ministry located in the same zone. For traveling to the other free zones such as Sirjan which for the time being has no direct entry port (air, sea or land ), the foreign citizens may apply for a visa through the representations of the I.R. of Iran abroad before traveling to the free economic zones of such kind. The Iranian nationals who hold Iranian ID card and passport and at the same time posses a another passport have to travel to the I.R. of Iran with their Iranian passport not the other one. The foreign citizens, in conformity with prevailing rules and regulations, are issued a visa except those of the occupied Palestine (Israel). With the aim to accelerate the relevant process of issuance of a visa, the applicants are recommended to deliver the required documents by DHL post. The Consulate General is not responsible for any delay or missing of the documents delivered by mail. Should the request for the issuance of visa denied for any reason, the relevant fees paid by the applicants of another nationality are not refundable.

The various types of visa for traveling to the I.R. of Iran are as follows:

  • Entry Visa :
    • Entry – Business
    • Tourist – Pilgrimage visa
    • Former Iranian citizens holding nationality renunciation document in conformity with Iranian Civil Code
    • Foreign citizens of Iranian mother
    • Foreign citizens of Iranian wife
    • Entry with Work Permit
    • Transit Visa
    • Tourist
    • Other Types of Visa



The documents required for the issuance of a visa varies depending on circumstances and the kind of visa which best describe the applicant needs.