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Iran destination for all seasons!

Iran is one of the few countries that have all four distinguished seasons. And at any time of the year, in each section of the country, one of the four seasons is visible. Iran’s variety in terms of temperature, rainfall and humidity differs from season to season and place to place. Length of the seasons also differs in different regions. It is a county in southwest Asian, country of mountains and deserts. Eastern parts of Iran is dominated by a high plateau, with large salt flats and vast sand deserts. The plateau itself is surrounded by even higher mountains, including the Zagros Range to the west and the Elburz Range to the north.

Near Valasht Lake in Mazanderan Province of Northern Iran, Photo: Arash Ashoorinia


Iran in the heart of Silk Road is one of the world’s most treasured travel destinations for all seasons, blessed as it is with extraordinary historical sites, exquisite landscapes and a fascinating culture. Most foreigners are likely to find their preconceptions shattered. You will find Iranians warm and friendly, keen to practice their English and quick with the tea invites.

Rich Persian heritage dating back some 3,000 years is evident throughout the country. Historical sites like the ancient ruins of Persepolis and the still-glorious former capital of Isfahan are abundant. Iran has a distinct cultural identity too, with its predominantly Shia-Muslim population, which sets it apart from most nations in the Islamic world. But few countries in the world offer the traveler so much variety in culture. From traditional nomads of Qashqaei, Bakhtiari and Shahsevan, proud Turkmen, hospitable Gilaki, Friendly Azari, colorful Kurds to modern Tehrani.

Iran enjoys a great legacy of ruins and hallowed stonework. It is as one of the oldest ancient civilization of the world that has influenced different parts of the world from the Nile River to Europe via its culture.

Tehran is the capital, the country’s largest city and the political, cultural, commercial and industrial center of the nation.


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