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Kermanshah or Kirmanshah also known as Bākhtarān, the capital of Kermanshah Province, is located 525 kilometres from Tehran in the western part of Iran. According to the 2011 census, its population is 851,405. A majority of the population speaks Southern Kurdish. Kermanshah has a moderate and mountainous climate. Kermanshah is the largest Kurdish-speaking city in Iran.


The principal monument of this archaeological site is the bas-relief and cuneiform inscription ordered by Darius I, The Great, when he rose to the throne of the Persian Empire, 521 BC. Below and around the bas-reliefs, there are ca. 1,200 lines of inscriptions telling the story of the battles Darius waged in 521-520 BC against the governors who attempted to take apart the Empire founded by Cyrus. The inscription is written in three languages.


Taq Bostan, the two-arched carvings, is a collection of Sassanid inscriptions that includes the historical scenes of the coronation of Khosrow Parviz, the coronation of Ardeshir II, the coronation of Shahpur II and III.

Anahita Temple

Anahita Temple is one of the largest stone buildings in Iran located in Kangavar. Anahita is the goddess and guardian of water, abundance and beauty. On top of this monument, there is a row of stone columns of 54/2 meters high. Anahita Temple is attributed to the Parthian or Sasanid period.

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Persian Silk Road | 10 Days Iran Tour

Persian Silk Road | 10 Days Iran Tour

Hamadan, Kermanshah, Khorramabad, Sanandaj, Shushtar, Tehran
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