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Margoon Waterfall

This waterfall is considered the most popular in Iran. Margoon is located in the south-west of the country, in the province of Fars, 128 km from Shiraz. The height of the waterfall is 70 meters. The waterfall is considered a unique natural phenomenon, Margoon and the surrounding zone are included in the list of protected natural areas of Iran.

Latoon Waterfall

Latoon Waterfall is considered the highest one in the country. The height of the waterfall is 105 meters. Latoon is located in the province of Gilan, near the city of Astara. The river passes through beautiful woods and hills and falls from a great height.

Due to natural attractions, the city is considered a popular tourist center. Once you enjoyed the beautiful view of the waterfall it is worth to stroll around the surroundings.

Bisheh Waterfall

The largest waterfall Bisheh is located in the mountain complex Zagros, in the province of Lourestan, near the city of Khorramabad. The province is rich in rivers, lakes and large waterfalls, the largest of which is Bisheh. The height of the waterfall is 48 meters. Another beautiful waterfall is Suy that is located in the same area and looks wild and pristine.

Yakhi Waterfall

The Yakhi waterfall is located near Damavand, in the province of Mazandaran, in the town of Amol, at an altitude of 5100 m above sea level. The uniqueness of the waterfall is that it is completely frozen. In the summer, the waterfall partially defrosts and a thin trickle of water begins to flow. The height of the waterfall is 70 meters.

Waterfall of Seven Springs

Seven springs are a valley with seven springs that flow into the Sheikh Alikhan waterfall. The waterfall is in the province of Bakhtiari, in the village of Shirabad. The area is popular among lovers of hiking. All year round, you can enjoy pleasant weather and the beauty of the wild nature.

Shirabad Waterfall

The waterfall is located in the province of Golestan, north of the country, in the village of Shirabad. The beautiful landscape of Mount Elborz is completed by a gorgeous view of the waterfall. It looks like a staircase and consists of 12 small and large waterfalls. The height of the tallest waterfall is about 30 meters.

Asiab Kharabe Waterfall

The waterfall is 135 km from Tabriz, in the province of Eastern Azerbaijan and is considered one of the most beautiful in the province. The road to the waterfall goes through a valley, near the border strip of the Julfa area. Below the valley, there is a small river and the waterfall that is formed from it. The stones are covered with moss and lichen and all this composition looks absolutely fabulous.

Shir-Abad Waterfall, Iran