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One of Iran’s traditional invention is a method for distilling the essence of herbs and flowers. The art has been taught from one generation to the next.

Golab (rosewater) can be considered as another one of miracles of the ancient civilization of Iran which has a wonderful smell that attracts everyone. This liquid is the same essence of rose (damask rose) that 200 different types of it have been identified up until now but only a limited range of those are used in production of rosewater.

This spring flower grows from mid-May to mid-June and has great health benefits and has many applications in perfume industry and is used for cooking and making pastry. In fact, we can consider rosewater as a gold with a good smell from the heart of Iran!

The best Golab is produced in Shiraz, Kashan and Orumiyeh cities. The people of Kashan have special custom for producing Golab.

Iranian Golab