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Shahr-e Kord

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Shahr-e Kord

Shahrekord, the center of Chaharmahal and bakhtiari province, sits among the Zagros mountains. It is the highest province center and therefore has gotten the nickname “the roof of Iran”. With more than nine thousand years of history, Shahrekord, is one of the ancient regions of Iran.

Archaeology Museum (Parhizkar Bath) is a historical complex remained from Qajar dynasty that has been constructed by Abolghasem Khan Azadeh Chaleshtori. Parhizkar Bath is a twin bath for men and women and consists of different sections such as fuel storage, entrance, stables, some shops, but unfortunately due to unfavorable urban developments, some parts of this bath have been completely destroyed. This bath had seven-color tiled portals, but after the destruction, a brick wall was built with a traditional look.

Sotudeh Chaleshtori Historical House is one of the historical attractions located in the west of Shahrekord. The house belonged to a person whose name was Mehmoud Khan during Safavid dynasty known as “Sotudeh”. His father, Khoda Rahim Khan Chaleshtori was the owner of Chaleshtor Castle, and Sotudeh House was actually the Andaruni (inside) of Hakem-Neshin (Governor Section) in the castle. The main foundation of this section was completed in 1905, and features precious stone plinths with carved figures and legendary myths theme. Sotudeh Chaleshtori Historical House consists of three museums that mostly depicts rural lifestyle through sculptured inscriptions.

Dezak Castle is a two storey building located in the southeast of Dezak Village. The ground floor has an octagonal vestibule in the center which joins the courtyard of the Castle to the sides. At the sides of this octagonal vestibule there are four porticos, two at the north and the other two at the south. And there is a vast area known as the Howz Khaneh or pool. In the center of this big hall is the Sofreh-Khaneh or dining area which is beautifully decorated with plaster molding and other artistic paintings.

The roof is made of wood with frameworks with silver printed windows and doors. Beside the dining area is a gloriously decorated room known as the Mirror-room. As the name stands, it is a mirror decoration work.

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