Kashan (2n) – Isfahan (2n) – Tehran (2n)


Travel directly to Kashan, during this 7-day three city trip introduces you to another Iran. After arriving at IKA airport south of Tehran ,the driver awaits you in the arrivals hall. To maximize the time in Iran drive over the Persian Gulf highway directly to the desert city of Kashan . During the ride of three hours you will pass an impressive Salt lake and the city of Qom, where you can make a stop at Shi-itic sanctuary city .

Day 1-2 Kashan | desert Town :You wake up in a cozy boutique hotel in Kashan , a thousand year old city on the Silk Road on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir desert.The hotel was once a merchant’s house with a beautiful courtyard. After a good rest and a cup of tea Iranian, you are ready to explore the city with guide. This can walk because you are staying in the old town of Kashan in the bazaar within walking distance. The next day you also have the ability to create a desert excursion to Mehranjab, an old caravanserai with camels and sand dunes. With private driver guide  to Isfahan .In the morning after breakfast you will be picked up by our friendly and helpful private driver guide . He takes you to Isfahan with optional, for an excursion in the red mountain village of Abyaneh . After a comfortable drive of about two hours to reach the famous Isfahan .

Day 3-5 Isfahan | the cultural capital of Iran. Here you look out your eyes. It is a vibrant city with a rich history and sights. You stay in a lovely hotel within walking distance of the famous Naqshe Jahan square or polo field. Around here there are many historical monuments from the golden era of Shah Abbas. A guide can explain the rich history and significance of the local traditions in a city exploration. Around there are Bazaar that you can admire the local handicraft at your convenience, or buy souvenirs. In the evening make a walk Like Isfahani on the Khaju or Sio Seh bridge. You will not get bored during the cultural highlight of your trip. A domestic flight to Tehran Your driver will take you to the airport of Isfahan. Then take a domestic flight to Tehran. Optionally there is the possibility for driver with private car  to Tehran.

Day 6-7 tehran | Metropolis 

Tehran is an “experience” not to be forgotten. Certainly not the most beautiful city in the country, but the most lively one. So for the enthusiast. Tehran is too big and there is too much to do for a few days. So choose from a museum, a park, the bazaar, a palace, a tea house, an art gallery, a kebab tent and let yourself be surprised by spontaneous encounters with the surprisingly helpful Tehrani. By setting off with a local guide you will soon see the most special places in the city.

The return flight
After a short, intense journey in Iran you will be taken by our private driver to the IKA international airport about 30km south of the capital city of Tehran. He ensures that you are on time in the plane, enjoying a special journey full of new impressions.

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7 days/6 nights

Airport transfer and all transfer by English spoken privet driver guide

6 night stay at most attractive 5/4* hotels  with breakfast

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KashanKashan is a medium-sized desert town in central Iran. The name is synonymous with antiques and it is not strange because during excavations objects have been found from 6000 BC. The old center of this traditional city has largely retained its typical desert architecture. Hidden in the narrow streets are beautiful merchant houses, witnesses of a glorious past. Read more


IsfahanEsfahan is the cultural capital of Iran. The city flourished again when Shah Abbas I, in 1598 established his government. Esfahan This was the 2nd time the center of Persia. Esfahan owes its splendid palaces and the Golden Age mosques . Her nickname is “NESF-e JAHAN or half the world due to its international appeal and the masterpieces of artists from other Read more


TehranRead more