Individual train Tabriz (2n) – Tehran (2n) – Kashan (2n) – Yazd (3n) – Mashhad (2n)

This overland train Iran begins in the west and ends in the northeast of Iran. Following the southern Silk Road Iran .

This train is ideal for backpackers who want to visit from Turkey by traveling towards Turkmenistan and the desert cities of Iran by train!

Day 1-3 Arrival in Iran | Tabriz Tabriz  is easily accessible by plane and bus from Turkey. It is a large, modern Iranian city. It lies on the ancient Silk Road and its historical position is measured by the huge bazaar with caravanserai. Still Tabriz is an important economic trading.

Tabriz – Tehran by sleeper train from Tabriz step onto the train to Tehran. Formerly a camel trek of 15 days. Now within 13 hours you will arrive.  You will spend the night in a sleeping compartment and in the morning you are in the early morning outside the train station of Tehran.

Day 4-6 Tehran | Experience Tehran is an “experience” not to forget. For Solo travelers Tehran is too big and there is too much to do for a few days. So choose from a museum, a park, the bazaar, a palace, a tea house, an art gallery, a kebab shop or be surprised by spontaneous encounters with the surprisingly helpful Tehrani.

Tehran – Kashan by train ,The intercity bus or a private driver to Kashan is faster. But the train is much more fun, and You go in the afternoon or evening from Tehran and arrive about three hours later to Kashan . At the station, you can easily and cheaply take a taxi. The hotel room is already booked.

Day 7-8 Kashan | desert Town ,You’ll stay in Kashan, a thousand years old desert city on the Silk Road on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir desert. Here you will stay overnight in a cozy guesthouse, once a merchant’s house. After a good rest and a cup of Iranian tea, you are ready to explore the city. You can walk because you are staying in the old town of Kashan in the bazaar within walking distance. You also have the option to create a desert excursion to Mehranjab, an old caravanserai with camels and sand dunes.

Kashan – Yazd by express train After Kashan exploration, You get train on the silk route to Yazd. In this day train, you pull the rugged desert scenery pass you by. With perhaps a few camels on the road …

Day 9-11 Yazd | traditions in old Yazd seems to stand still. Old men selling pistachios, gold jewelry and colored substances under the arches of the bazaar. It’s lovely to wander through the labyrinth of alleys Leme with a new vista every time. Yazd is also the city of Zoroastrianism, the original Iranian religion. Here you can find a fire temple with texts from the Avesta, the holy book of the Zoroastrians.

Tip: Cycling in old town of Yazd.

Yazd – Mashhad by first class train get ready for another long train journey through the desert. This time to the holy city of Mashhad in the Turkmen border. This train is equipped with all conveniences including Sleeping facilities. Along with Iranian pilgrims, eat in the restaurant and you philosophize about life. In the dawn awaits a new city.

Day 12-14 Mashhad | sanctuary Mashhad is the 2nd city in Iran and owes its fame to Imam Reza, the 8th-schiitische successor to the Prophet Muhammad. In the 8th century, he became a martyr during his stay poisoning with grapes. Each year millions of pilgrims gather in this immense mausoleum and mosque, the largest in the world with an area of 598.657 m 2 . Also you will visit his eternal resting place. This is easier with a local Iranian who does the talking for you at the entrance. Other celebrities from Mashad are the epic poet Ferdowsi who lived around the year 1000 and Omar Khayyam, the Persian poet and polymath. Their memory is kept alive with mausoleums in the historic towns of Tus and Neyshabur. Continue your journey With the satisfaction of a pilgrim who has reached his goal, leaving Mashhad Iran as final destination of this train. You have the opportunity to travel to Turkmenistan or travel back to Tehran. By train, by plane or by land through the Golestan park or the Caspian Sea.

Note : price is based on double  shared room.

€ per person

€ per week

14 days / 13 nights

Airport transfers by private car . Night train to Tehran and Mashhad and day train  to kashan and Yazd

11 nights including breakfast in traditional and simple hotels

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TebrizTebriz Chosen as the 2018 Tourism Capital City of Islamic Countries and a historical capital, Tabriz is the largest city in the northwest of modern-day Iran, and the center of the country’s Azeri community. Some of attractions are namely House of Constitution, Azerbaijan Museum, Tabriz Grand Bazaar, Tabriz Jameh Mosque, Blue (Kabud) Mosque, Arg-e-Ali Shah Read more


MashhadMashhad  is Iran’s second largest city and has more than 3 million inhabitants. Mashad gets its name from the 8th Imam Reza and buried here since the 9th century, the Shia pilgrimage site of Iran. His enormous mausoleum with impressive mosque makes this city pilgrimage center of Iran. Older Tus, now part of Mashhad, the Read more


KashanKashan is a medium-sized desert town in central Iran. The name is synonymous with antiques and it is not strange because during excavations objects have been found from 6000 BC. The old center of this traditional city has largely retained its typical desert architecture. Hidden in the narrow streets are beautiful merchant houses, witnesses of a glorious past. Read more


YazdYazd is located on the ancient Silk Road and has ever Marcopolo here spent the night in a Karavanseray.  The old town with its traditional houses joined together is a living monument to himself. Some so-called “friendship” alleys you cannot pass each other without having to socialize with each other. Getting lost in the Old Town is Read more


TehranCity of museums As compared with most of other big cities in Iran, the capital city, Tehran, is a rather newly established one. This big, populated and polluted mega city hosts some beautiful palaces and museums, namely, Golestan Palace, Sa’ad Abad Palace, Niyavaran Cultural-Historic Complex, The National Jewelry Treasury, The National Museum of Iran, The Read more